There are lots of fun things to do at Big Don's Outdoor Fun Center. Relax and spend quality time with friends while playing our resort-level miniature golf course, or challenge yourself with one of our more energetic activities like Laser Tag! When it comes to outdoor entertainment in the Syracuse area, Big Don's is simply the best.


New Battleground Outdoor Laser Tag is unlike any laser tag you've ever played in the area. We have more space, better equipment, more action, and realistic mission-based games! Players will be split into two teams, red and blue, and compete in a series of missions until their time runs out. Our high tech equipment allows us to program the number of hits players can take and the number of lives they get in order to maximize playing time!

birthday party at big don's fun center


Big Don's Outdoor Fun Center is the best place to have a birthday party in Syracuse! With brand new party packages to choose from, complimentary gifts for the birthday child, and our friendly coordinators to help your party run smoothly...all you have to do is bring a cake, and let us take care of the rest!


Stop by Big Don's Snack Shack and have a refreshment. You can eat and drink while you sit at our picnic tables and watch the waterfalls and people having a good time. We serve premium soft ice cream from Upstate Farms as well as an assortment of frozen treats, slushies, milkshakes, nachos and more!
Soft Ice Cream sales begin mid-May each year for our guests and continues through Mid-September.


Almost every day in the summer, a group is having a fun outing at Big Don's. We offer many special packages for eligible groups looking to have an outingt Big Don's. Miniature Golf and our 8 other activities (Now Including Battleground Outdoor Laser Tag) are fun for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to book your trip to get special reduced pricing. Call (315) 698-0098 to plan your outing today!


Big Don's has ambience with six waterfalls, three ponds, cascading rivers, and a beaver lodge. We have an imaginative setting, wilderness Central New York circa 1750. Each year we have added to the carvings around the facility. We now have two bears, a moose, cougar, wolf, red fox, two beavers and numerous other animals all originally native to Central NY.