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Birthday Party Information

+ Age Information

Minimum age is 8 for our equipment due its size and weight. Yes, we would allow a large 7 year old to play or even a 6 year old who is the brother of a 10 year old birthday boy (but only with dad's assistance and with some restrictions such as playing from a sniper tower). Our equipment has heft to it and an hour of play for 6 or 7 year olds would be too much for them.

+ How long is a party and what is the order of activities?

Battleground parties last a total of 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can arrive on time for your party or up to 15 minutes before it begins. If you arrive earlier than that, the previous party will probably still be vacating the party gazebo as an fyi. In the first half hour of your scheduled time we collect your guests (sometimes party guests arrive a little late so that is built in), orient them to the style of play and missions, pass out the equipment, show them how to use the equipment and take your group photo of the guests in their party gear. We then start the first 30 minutes of play. A unique feature of our field is that we have a platform overlooking the field that allows parents and other non-playing guests to see most of the activity and join in the fun (at least vicariously). After thirty minutes of play, you head back to your gazebo for pizza, soda and chips. After that 30 minute food break, you go back to the field for 30 more minutes of play. After the second 30 minutes or play are up, you go back to the gazebo, for birthday cake (you bring) and to open presents. After that 30 minute time frame is up, we allow 15 minutes for packing up and for pickup of the guests. In consideration of the next arriving party, please make room for the next arriving party within those 15 minutes.

+ Cost Information

We've searched around and Big Don's offers the best packages at the most reasonable rates around.  We have a variety of packages that you can choose from which can be found on our party planner form or by calling us at 698-0098.  All of our party packages include 8 participants, including the birthday kid.   If you have guests that do not play but would like to attend the party, there is no charge for them subject to the seating capacity of our private gazebo. We can also accommodate other guests who want to do other activities (younger kids for instance) with one or more of our other activities at our regular pay-as-you-go prices. Birthday parties in NY are subject to NYS sales tax.

+ Party Option #2 - Summer Splash

Everything is the same as the Party option above except you can substitute a 30 minute Squirt Tube Frenzy battle in our maze for the second laser tag session. A great way to cool off after an intense laser tag session. Price is the same as option above. Please specify that you want this option on the party planner form. Thanks!

+ Please also consider

Unless your party is using 20 or more of our taggers, we will put additional players on the field (if they are present) to join the play during your sessions. This is standard operating procedure in the laser tag business. They will be split onto your party teams to make the teams as even as possibl


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Group Information

We offer special rates and features for non-profit groups, clubs, sports teams, school groups, summer recreation programs, etc. (our general guidelines) who call ahead to make a reservation for their group. Generally speaking, scheduled Groups can play for between $18 and $19/person for an hour of laser tag and between $12 and $13/person for a half hour of laser tag depending on the size of the group, other activities that they are doing, etc.
We also offer discounted rates for groups of 8 or more (like friends, frenemies, etc) who do not fit the above criteria who call ahead to make a reservation.